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Apr. 28th, 2012

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My mom just hung up on me. WTF?!

Back story: today is Grandparents Day. She called to see if she could come over for a while. I already have my day planned out with necessary shopping, my daughter's nap time, and seeing my dad this afternoon. My dad, by the way, hasn't seen Thera in weeks. My mom sees her every Wednesday and Thursday. So I said I'm sorry, but we're too busy. Then she said have a nice day and hung up on me in mid-sentence.

What is with emotionally needy people? I just don't get them. Why can't I be surrounded by Vulcans? I mean, other than the fact that they're fictional. And come on. It's Grandparents Day. How many people actually celebrate that? And how many people actually get to see their grandkids on a regular basis at all?

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Double Plus Bad

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I am so upset right now about changes that are being made at my office. We got the news right after lunch yesterday, and my work for the rest of the day was crap.

They've created a new position in my department. Basically, the chosen people get "senior" added to the front of their title, as well as a raise and more responsibility. They're intended to be leaders the rest of the department can turn to for guidance, but choices are made strictly on numbers. So looking at the list, I'd say at least 3 of the 9 who were chosen have zero leadership skills or experience. That's problem number one.

Problem number two: they're moving people to different teams, and I can't see a reason for it. Three of my teammates are being moved to other teams, and we're getting three other people to take their places. But the three people they're taking from my team are the only people on my team who've been there since the inception of our office. Why move them? And why give us people whose personalities will clearly not mesh with the rest of our team? I see no method to this madness. It's ridiculous.

Oh, and one of the people being sent to my team drives me insane. I've written about him before. He makes stupid, offensive comments without even thinking about what he's saying. Awesome.

Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.

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That Hello Quizzy Thing Everyone's Doing


Really? I'm surprised Slytherin came in 3rd for me, but I'm more surprised that I scored 43% Gryffindor.

Oh, and for those of you who will be participating in Pottermore, I'm WillowPhoenix182 there. I like it because it sounds like it might actually be a name in the wizarding world. Or if your brothers are named River and Leaf.

HP Personality Quiz

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Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

I always test as an ISFJ. The "F" doesn't make sense to me, but it never changes. But Hagrid? Really?

Oh, and hi! It's been forever, hasn't it? I hope you're all doing well. :)

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Writer's Block: Do you remember?

Oh yeah!

What is your earliest memory?

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My earliest memory is of a hospital.

I think I have a memory of being in the hospital when I was two months old, but it seems extremely unlikely.  I had a birth defect that required skull surgery, and I think I remember screaming my head off until a nurse picked me up and took me back to her work station.  I suppose that could have been a dream.

The earliest memory I'm certain of is also in a hospital.  I went in for eye surgery when I was two.  I remember bringing a stuffed cat with me and telling the doctor she needed surgery, too.  When I woke up from surgery, we both had a patch over our right eyes.  I've always thought that was so sweet of that doctor.

LJ Theme Request

Norwegian Blue
Big, big request!

I want a nice theme for Thera's journal.  My over-the-top idea is to have a picture of a chibi version of a valkyrie against a backdrop of a Doric temple (something like the Parthenon).  Or maybe a drawing of this with Athena replaced by a valkyrie?

I have absolutely no artistic ability.  Would anyone have the ability and the desire to help me?

Harry Potter Meme - Days 27-30

Day 27: Would you rather own The Invisibility Cloak, The Resurrection Stone or The Elder Wand?
I'd rather own the invisibility cloak.  The resurrection stone is just creepy (I'm not inclined to mess with death or with dead people), and the elder wand invites all sorts of trouble from people who want to take it from you.  The invisibility cloak, on the other hand, would come in quite handy and doesn't seem to be highly coveted.

Day 28: Do you listen to Wizard Wrock, what do you think about it?
Nope.  Are there any great bands I should be listening to?

Day 29: Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical?
I'm ashamed to say I haven't watched it yet, though my stepdaughter has been telling me about it for a long time now.

Day 30: What effect has Harry Potter made on your life and how much does it mean to you?
I love the HPverse.  It's magical (duh) and a nice escape from real life.  In addition, it led me to Hogwarts is Home and consequently to many of the friends reading this entry.  That's the real effect HP has had in my life: leading me to a great community of friends. 

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Which famous or infamous historical person would you bring back to life, and why?

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I have lots of possible answers, but I'll go with my most selfish.  I'd actually choose James Butler Hickok, better known as Wild Bill.  I first learned about him during a trip to South Dakota as a child, and he was one of my first celebrity crushes.  He was an Indian scout in the army, a US marshal, and a crack shot from the hip.  I also thought he was dreadfully handsome.  Yes, I am a dork.

The Baby

What's Opera Doc
For various reasons, I've decided to set up a separate blog that will be all about Thera.  From now on, I won't write anything about her here unless it's in the context of complaining about certain people in her life or some such thing.  Updates on her growth, her firsts, pictures of her, amusing stories, etc., will all be over there.  If  you want to friend that journal, the username is doric_valkyrie.  I'd be glad to see you over there, but I know baby news annoys many of you, so this will solve that problem as well as providing a space where family members can read about Thera without being privy to my other entries.

So far, the only entry over there is her birth story, but there will be more soon.


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